Its been a whole year since our last post, and to mark this occasion here’s some images from the last couple of days…

Unhappy bouncer at Winter Wonderland

Unhappy bouncer at Winter Wonderland

2014-12-30 15.33.10

We took to the High Life


2015-01-01 10.31.49

Met some fashion victims


2015-01-01 10.52.00

Subliminal message


2015-01-01 10.58.37

We never tire of SteamPunk


2015-01-01 11.07.06

The Americans arrive


2015-01-01 11.24.00

The locals are impressed


2015-01-01 11.25.29

Good to see child labour laws are ignored


2015-01-01 11.52.52

You’re never too old…apparently


2015-01-01 11.53.50

Lady steaming


2015-01-01 11.55.07-1

We were teenagers when this parade started


2015-01-01 12.02.51

Are you sure this is the okey cokey?


2015-01-02 11.58.56

Reality hits as we enter the studio


2015-01-02 11.59.07

great to be back with old friends


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