Spring has arrived

The weather makes all the difference – and today has proved it.

When it’s sunny and the temperature is comfortable  it’s easy to slow down and enjoy life, a walk into town with a short stop for coffee and a toasted sandwich at one of our favourite breakfast haunts we began to rummagie around the antiques market in Covent Garden – successfully purchasing more old photos, a fistfull of 1920’s German Marks & a selection of bone dice – all in aid of our fast approaching solo show at The Crypt Gallery, Euston (BERLIN-A Forgers Tale).

The weather played an important role today – providing a relaxing pace to wander and source the material for the work and open our eyes to the things happening around us. Our next stop – Soho, where we walked straight into a film crew preparing for a 1950’s/60’s based scene, the whole road was full of antique cars and odd looking characters in period costume – we shffled into an antique magazine shop and came away with a couple of 1930’s French cinema mags!

Time for another coffee, but this time it came with cake and a nice view of St. James’ Park – full of flowers, tourists, pigeons and geese.

Refreshed and eager to get back to work we headed for home via Westminster Abbey where we met an excited old eccentric preparing for a ‘royal watch’ experience (Commonwealth Day), then stopping off at Tate Britain for a spot of Picasso before a long walk along the river in our great Spring sun.

Here’s a short video of part of our day:

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