Prize Bull


 I acquired this photograph the other day because I was intrigued by it. I have no personal relationship to the people in it and only know it was taken in Yorkshire.
It is of a group of men proudly posed with a prize bull. Who’s fathers, husbands, brothers are they? Did they go down the pub to celebrate. Their dress and posture provides a lot of character. Three of the men are butchers – wearing leather aprons and knife sharpners, therefore its a photo of an important prize bull about to be slaughtered, or is it ? What I’m doing is recording evidence from the photo to create a narrative which may or may not be true.
A photograph, captures a moment in time – a time that is always in the past. Between the time of its capture and the present moment there remains an abyss. The photo offers a story without any form of confirmation, maybe thats the intriguing part.
If anyone does know anything about this photo please add comment

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