Art Club at Red Gallery

Yesterday saw the first ‘Art Club’ event at Red Gallery in Rivington Street bringing  an eclectic mix of art, music and film – the event starting at 3.00pm with Sam Tring & Mark Scott-Wood gathering the work for the exhibition – providing an ambitious approach that deserves both admiration and support. Unfortunately we arrived too late to take part in the life drawing or see the films but the event was in full swing with the wonderful Paul Kindersley already staging his performance. Sam & Mark provided a great space for creatives to meet, discuss and experiment – we are looking forward to future events.

Here’s a list of some of the events – for full information see Sam’s website: 

Films: ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’ (1902) with soundtrack by Air (2nd London showing),  ‘Piccadilly Nites’ (1926) with soundtrack by Ben Osborne (Noise of Art)

Art: Your Mum, Overlap, Mark Scott-Wood, Sophie Clyde, Hayley Hare, Oliver McArthur-Tring, Paul Kindersley, Charlie Tuesday Gates, Kevin Broughton & Fiona BirnieSean Vicary, Tristram Aver, The Librarian, Emma Condliffe, Faye Scott-Farrington, Mimei Thompson, Kirsty Harris, Sarah Pettitt, Michael Cousin, Gareth A Hopkins, Alistair Gentry, Ben Woodeson, Christina Violet Sabberton, MorphPlinth

Music: Live music and DJ sets from – Si Begg, Ben Osborne (Noise of Art), Evokateur (tbc), Mystic Rock (The Thing), Peter Hepworth, Rupert The Brewer.


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