Siobhan Barr & Jay Gun – Solo Shows at WW Gallery

Last night was the PV of two solo shows at WW Gallery 

Siobhan Barr | HELLO FRIEND – a solo exhibition of new work  

“Developing upon previous works, which jovially explored the impact of modern telecommunications on our evolving language, Siobhan Barr’s new body of work brings together darker themes of loneliness and internet use, with a strong focus on the concept of Internet Abuse.”

6 February – 2 March 2013


Jay Rechsteiner | JAY GUN – The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet – a solo exhibition of new work 

“‘JAY GUN, The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet’, is an exhibition which ridicules the absurdity of gun-toting machismo. A collection of home-made guns and ‘other gun-related stuff’ satirically takes its cue from American gun culture and weapon infomercials.”
6 February – 2 March 2013

Both artists display works of great wit providing an element of fun as they explore their dark subjects – my favourite was Jay Gun’s shooting range – A MUST SEE!!

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