Covent Garden – Jubilee Antiques Market

Covent Garden Antiques Market

Monday mornings are often spent searching for material and inspiration in Covent Garden’s Antique Market.

If we’re in the right mood we will always find something to provide a new idea for our work – it’s a great source for adding to our growing collection of photographic ephemera.

visitors cards

 Amongst the strange colourfull camera shy storeholders we scramble with the dealers and tourists through the mixed jumble of shit and treasure hoping to be the one who leaves with a prized trophy.

On our recent trips we’ve been searching for Victorian/Edwardian visitors cards. They’re quite common but when you have an agenda to placate it’s hard to find an image that will fullfill our needs. Luckily we leave with some good examples and head for the British Museum.

It’s an interesting feeling ‘touching the past’, a feeling that becomes more apparent while walking through the pristene galleries of the Museum and following the crowds leering at and paying homage to the valuable, beautiful and exquisite objects suffocating behind their glass cages.  We make a decision, today should be about touching – we leave the museum and return to the jumble sale at Covent Garden.

more things to explore

lots of things - shortage of money

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2 Responses to Covent Garden – Jubilee Antiques Market

  1. Mark says:

    This looks fab – there’s nothing like a market to rummage around when buying antiques.

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