The circus begins

Bunting in Piccadilly

Flags in Regent Street

On Easter Sunday we took a long stroll around the streets of London taking in the ongoing preparations for the Royal wedding next Friday.

It’s quite amazing how the city (& apparently the rest of the world) has taken to this occasion. We will be out on the day – not to join in the celebrations, but to photograph the gathering crowds and their strange attire.

Interviews at Buckingham Palace

The world’s media have landed in town. Authors are pushing their books, royal watcher’s are spouting their treasured inner circle secrets and the tourists are getting restless.

Don't forget to plug my book!!

It’s always disappointing when you take a break in a foreign city during bank holidays!!
It must be quite bizarre interviewing or reporting from a public space, I had a fit of giggles as I watched Fi in full ‘photo mode’ wander behind a cameraman in Regents Street while filming a foreign reporter relaying the wedding preparations to his viewers and leaning over his shoulder to get a ‘good’ photo of the reporter ‘with the flags behind him’. Good one Fi!!
reporter in Regents Street

Looking forward to the impending madness of next Friday (hope it doesn’t rain!!).

The Happy Couple

The Abbey is ready!

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