Sunday 16th October

Back on the art trail, and today we visit the new fair in town – Sluice!

After the past few days experiencing the enormous variety of ‘ART’ on offer (often self-consciously pretentious, over-rated and lacking interest – both for viewer and artist), it was a real pleasure to come across the group of galleries/artist run organizations which make up the Sluice Art Fair.

Entering the building on South Molten Lane it was clear that the pretensions of the grand money-seeking shows dominating the press have been droped in favour of allowing the works to speak for themselves. The result was a success with little to criticise.

To pick a few highlights – Transition gallery (founded by artist Cathy Lomax) was a treat showing a variety of artists (mainly small scale paintings) some of which I’d come across before.

Alex Pearl – an artist new to me, producing inventive, witty ‘adaptions to objects (often through the use of adding small architectural figures) – definately need to see more of him.

Also Good to see Mandy Hudson’s small, poetic paintings – often simple images that resonate and stay in the mind.

Amazing to think that a small, low budget event would be one of the best of the week. But then again as frieze demonstrates – imagination, talent and enthusiasm are not required when you have money!

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