Crowded at Charlie Dutton’s Crash Open

Crowded scenes at the private view of ‘Crash Open’ at the Charlie Dutton Gallery, London – a lot of interesting work on show, if you can get past the crowds!

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Lady in Gasmask

Picnic in a gasmask

Sometimes we get lucky in our search for photographs – this image of a lady in a gasmask was in a large collection of photos in a plastic shopping bag that we bought in Camden market a few years ago.

Probably dating from the 1940’s it possesses a glimpse into a world – strange yet normal.
The image could easily be a still from an early sci-fi film. We have no information on the identity of the sitter but the image provides a great start for our work.
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Clarkson Does It Again!!

Another day another chance for Jeremy Clarkson to practice his PR skills. Brrmm Brrmm!! In case you missed the fuss

Jeremy drives into problems yet again

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A vision of the past or preview of our future?

Life in Thirties America

 Here’s a great image of America in the depression that we found on our weekly photo hunts.

This is one of a series of images of a family, their home and friends – they seem to be spending a lot of time in their car looking for a nice spot to have their picnic – looking at the other images I don’t think it really matters where they pick – it all looks barren and empty.

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The Mark in Weimar Germany

Are we heading for a taste of German history?


50 Mark note 1919


By the end of 1919 more than 47 paper Marks were required to buy one US dollar.

One Million Mark note December 1922


Ten Million Mark note August 1923


One Hundred Million Mark note August 1923


When the new monetary Laws were brought in on 30th August 1924 old paper 1,000,000,000,000 Mark notes were exchanged for one new Reichsmark.

Something to think about?

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Man-Eating Chicken at Nandos

Man-Eating Chicken at Nando's - the real ending of Gaddafi?

Controversy of Nando’s (South Africa) new ‘dictator’ ad. starring Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein & Robert Mugabe – is that bad taste?? Or is it just the chicken?
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RCA Secret

Artists Party RCA Secret 2011


Last night was the artist’s party for this years RCA Secret postcard event. A great evening playing ‘spot the artist’ with champagne & freebees all round!!

We ended the night with a trip to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park – more to follow.

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RCA Secret

Its that time of year again and after hand delivering our postcards we are looking forward to the artists party.

The cards are open for viewing this Friday (18th November).

Don’t forget to go and buy, its all in a good cause!

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Alan Berlusconi – on the scrapheap

Here’s our comment of the week – combining artist Grayson Perry’s teddy bear ‘Alan Measles’ with ex Italian prime mister Silvio Berlusconi arriving at their final destination.

Bye Bye Alan Berlusconi!

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Trying Forms

A small fly painting by Tom Juneau

It was the private view of Trying Forms at Testbed1 in Battersea last night – a good time for all. With artists; Colin Allen, Michael Burton, Will Cruickshank, Tom Juneau, Michiko Nitta & Robin Von Einsiedel putting on a mixed show in the unusual space by the new RCA fine art complex. An interesting show with highlights including a video installation (Solarium from Alga-culture) by Burton & Nitta & a range of subtle fly paintings by Juneau.

The evening was rounded off nicely with a free beer & food and a late night tour of the RCA furnace.

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