Curious Pursuits Private View – The Portico Gallery, Manchester

Last night was the private view of Porter & Jenkinson’s ‘Curious Pursuits’ exhibition at The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester. There was a great turnout for a fascinating show which we highly recommend – a list of 38 artists (see previous blog) selected by Manchester-based Art Historian Collective Porter & Jenkinson explore the Victorian aesthetic until 29th February – don’t miss it!

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Curious Pursuits – The Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester 3rd-29th February 2012


Curious Pursuits - Portico Gallery, Manchester

We are looking forward to Porter & Jenkinson’s ‘Curious Pursuits’ at the Portico Library & Gallery, Manchester from 3rd – 29th February – with the private view on 2nd February 6-8pm.

Here’s a list of the participating artists (happily we are included in the exhibition):

Ben Rothery, Alice Pattullo, Alice Bradshaw, Corinna Spencer, Amy Louise Nettleton, Abigail Drumm, Andy Clark, Amanda’s Autopsies, Lisa Temple-Cox & Anne Barclay, Paulina Sandberg, Abraham Emajaro, Kirsty Logan, Andrew G Magee, Jane Hoodless, Jake Tyas, Liam Smyth, Amanda Nicole White, Abigail Betton, Kirsty Greenwood, Fiona Birnie & Kevin Broughton, Laura Deane, Lucy Freegard, Oliver Flude, Russell Mountford, Alison Craig, Hannah Elizabeth Allan, John Brewer, Julia Hembrow, Paul Imrie, Rebecca Key, Rhiannon Moxon, Elizabeth Willow, Tony Richards, Gwilym Hughes, Claire Batt, Damien Woolliscroft, June Kingsbury, Ellie Tarrat

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Felix the Cat

felix the cat

Here’s a fun image – fancy dress time and someone feels like going as Felix the Cat!

Felix the Cat started to appear in silent films in the early 1920’s and it’s popularity was on the wane by the end of the decade with the advent of sound – so there’s a good chance that this image dates from the 1920’s.
On the back it has a British Made mark, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the photograph was taken here.
Anyway whoever it is and wherever they were they look like the’re having fun!
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Forget War Horse here’s War Donkey

The Germans had War Donkey!!

We’ve been collecting old photographs for a number of years now and thought it would be good to share a few of our favourites.

This image was used as a postcard by a German soldier serving at the front, covered in writing back and front – dated 23/09/1915.

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New Year Parade London 2012

Making an early start fuelled by tons of coffee and croissants we walked into town through the party debris of last night (it’s good to start early-sometimes we might find the odd £20 note dropped by a drunken reveller, unfortunately it wasn’t one of those mornings). We first encountered the gathering participants at the Hyde Park Corner end of Piccadilly and started to snap.

London’s New Year Parade is a strange affair, it’s a cross between an official capitol parade and a village fete – somethings are thoroughly professional and others add that magical touch of your gran’s knitted jumper. Which makes for a great experience as there’s something for everyone!

The American Marching Bands displaying the true face of American youth (so different from what we are used to in film & TV) managed to wake some hungover revellers who appeared half naked at their hotel window to complain mixing comfortably with miniature traction engines, ageing Mods & Hells Angels. As all the participants were getting ready in the side roads off Piccadilly we didn’t get chance to see everything (didn’t see any of the usual huge inflatable Garfield type characters which look great lurking around the corners of London’s old buildings). But luckily we encountered the Star Wars/Planet of the Apes group which provided us with the best entertainment.

The parade started just after 12.00 and as usual the BBC were right and the London weather turned from comfortable to torrential rain.

Here’s a selection of our best photos as we look forward to next year.


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London New Years Parade

The Apes are taking over!!




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A Puppy just for Christmas

Christmas day this year was spent on a rural farm in East Sussex with my brother and his new lady. A 600 year old farmhouse and a great Xmas dinner made even more special by Sam the German Shepherd puppy – a puppy just for Xmas!!



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John of Winter Wonderland

Our friend John shows no fear when challenged by the rides at Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London

Looking forward to next years challenges!


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Follow our leader?

It's good that we're in control!

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Santa Run in Hyde Park

A surreal site for a Sunday morning. Breakfast at the Serpentine then Santa’s mad dash before work – what did they put in my breakfast?

All in a good cause – raising money and awareness for Hospices.



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