Museum of Everything

Selfridges window - City of the future

 The museum of everything is currently showing in Selfridges in Oxford Street.We arrived there after a hearty breakfast in the Serpentine cafe anticipating an exhibition to equal or expand on the experiences provided by the previous three shows. Feeling a little apprehensive about the venue (it’s a shame that they weren’t able to stay in the disused dairy that aptly bonded with the work, emphasizing the raw creativity to such great effect).The curators have done a good job in re-creating the feel of the old venue – but sometimes when you catch a view of multiple displays of designer handbags or piles of Christmas baubles through the few emergency exits it does make you feel as if you are in a fairground theme ride.
This year artists from Japan and Germany stand out.

Selfridges window - wrestler

Stefan Hafner’s ‘Cities of the Future’ & Hans-Jorg Georgi’s ‘Paper Aircraft’ both from Atelier Goldstein in Germany stand out from the crowd, inventive and complex.

The great surprise was the work on show from Japan, supplying objects and images of great simplicity and sophistication of design.
The first thing that attracted us was groups of clay figures peering through gaps in the brickwork of what appeared to be a shed. Facinated by the odd creatures we walked to the side of the ‘building’ and were amazed by the groups of clay figures inside.
The work was by: Masonu Yamagwa, Hideaki Yoshikawa, Kazuni Kamal & Isao Hayashiguchi all from Atelier Yamanami, Japan.
But my favourite was the contact sports fanatic Tomoyoki Shinki from Atelier Incurve, Japan – producing some amazing drawings of wrestlers that look like they’ve escaped from the Beatles ‘Yellow Submarine’, EXCELLENT!!
Don’t miss this show – there’s something for everyone!
Closes 25th October 2011
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Today we came across this captive beast in Marble Arch – Street adverts all around us today.

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Watch Me Move – The Animation Show @ The Barbican

A good exhibition to see, sadly just finished but here’s a few clips that I caught with Flip

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End of show

The Procession - Exhibition viewThe Procession - Exhibition view

It was a shame taking down this show, having time to sit and look at the work properly has been a useful experience. Lots of feedback and interest.

We are going to look for a larger space to show all the work in the series sometime next year. In the meantime it’s back to work – we have a new (much larger) project to produce work for, The Crypt at St Pancras next May. Can’t wait!!

The Procssion - Exhibition view


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‘The Procession’ Vyner Street 30th Aug – 5th Sept 2011

A short video of the exhibition.

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Private View ‘The Procession’ Vyner Street 1st Sept 2011

Here’s a video taken out of the gallery window on pv night.

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‘The Procession’ at Vyner Street

The Procession - Exhibition view

We’ve just hung the work for the Vyner Street show and are pleased with the result. It’s the first time we’ve had a chance to see most of  the work together and it’s surprising how different it looks on white walls. Looking forward to the PV on thursday!!


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Images from ‘State of Play’


 Here are some images of our installations ‘State of Play’ in The Old Police Station, Deptford.


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Out of this World – British Library

A great show full of prophecies and metaphors for our current interests!

Steam Punk Rules!
Check it out before it ends on 25th September 2011

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Solo Show – Old Police Station Private View

Ancestors 2011

Tonight is the private view of ‘State of Play’ – our solo show in the cells of The Old Police Station, Deptford.

It’s also ‘Dirty Cop Night’ (the party night for local galleries after their private views).


We have taken over the four male cells with four separate installations: Ancestors, To Let, Shrine & The Gamers.

Shrine 2011

 There will also be live bands playing and free beer supplied by Becks ( Becks Fusion – Becks with Orange?).

Hope to see you there:

6.00pm – Late

The Old Police Station, 114 Amersham Vale, Deptford


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