Print now 2011

Last night was the Print Now private view at SW1 gallery in Victoria, London.

Some good work on show, and very busy, we were pleased to see our work exhibited – but very tired from installing our ‘State of Play’ solo show at ‘The Old Police Station, Deptford.

The private view is tonight with bands playing and free beer it should be fun – all wellcome.

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‘Alien’ Monkey Causes Panic In Chinese Village

Just found this story on Sky News:

A malnourished monkey caused panic among Chinese villagers who mistook him for a creature from outer space.

The starving animal had no hair and its skeletal frame convinced locals in Gezhai village,Henan Province, they were being visited by an alien life form.

The creature was first spotted as it munched cucumbers in housewife Mao Xiping’s flat.

She was so scared of its “alien face” that she called police and told them to arrest it.

It was only later that they worked out that the animal was actually a monkey.

 Now scientists are examining the skinny creature to see what species it is and where it came from.

Ms Mao said: “At first I thought it was a rabbit, then I was shocked to see it had an alien face.

 “My neighbours agreed it was like nothing we’d seen before. 

“It stopped eating cucumbers when we gave it peaches and now it won’t eat anything else.”

Sky News


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Royal Wedding

This gallery contains 36 photos.

An early start for us and the many thousands wandering aimlessly around the capital waiting for something to happen – eventually it did……. Some images from the big day in Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square & Piccadilly:

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The crowds are gathering

This gallery contains 23 photos.

An evening walking around The Mall, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey produced some strange sights – here’s a few: click on the images to see full pictures.

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You to can be a part

Now it’s time to join in with the madness, come on everyone there’s fun for all!!!

I will, I will, I will ........

Ya, it’s really great man
As Father Ted said ‘it would be so easy to make the whole thing seem tacky!!’
So this is everyone’s opportunity to be a prince or princess for the day?
I can think of a lot more enjoyable things to do (As I’ve never tried being a prince.. or princess I guess that is debatable).
 But  looking at the merchandise on offer I’m frightened.

Come on you royalists 'Get your party shit ere!'

Something tells me we will be searching all day for a quiet place to have a nice cup of coffee & have a break from the madness???

An extremely LARGE cappucino please!!!!

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The circus begins

Bunting in Piccadilly

Flags in Regent Street

On Easter Sunday we took a long stroll around the streets of London taking in the ongoing preparations for the Royal wedding next Friday.

It’s quite amazing how the city (& apparently the rest of the world) has taken to this occasion. We will be out on the day – not to join in the celebrations, but to photograph the gathering crowds and their strange attire.

Interviews at Buckingham Palace

The world’s media have landed in town. Authors are pushing their books, royal watcher’s are spouting their treasured inner circle secrets and the tourists are getting restless.

Don't forget to plug my book!!

It’s always disappointing when you take a break in a foreign city during bank holidays!!
It must be quite bizarre interviewing or reporting from a public space, I had a fit of giggles as I watched Fi in full ‘photo mode’ wander behind a cameraman in Regents Street while filming a foreign reporter relaying the wedding preparations to his viewers and leaning over his shoulder to get a ‘good’ photo of the reporter ‘with the flags behind him’. Good one Fi!!
reporter in Regents Street

Looking forward to the impending madness of next Friday (hope it doesn’t rain!!).

The Happy Couple

The Abbey is ready!

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Man takes pie on holiday

Looking through the Metro today I came across this:

“When most people burn a pie they throw it in the bin. Not Tony Johnson.
He has kept his meaty treat for almost 40 years and has taken it around the world on family holidays.

The 73-year-old says the Holland’s pie, which overcooked back in 1972, has become an heirloom which takes pride of place on the mantelpiece when it’s not clocking up air miles.

The pastry has been to the US, Barbados, Egypt, Morocco, Syria, Kuwait and Thailand. It has even travelled to the Falklands with Mr Johnson’s son-in-law, who serves in the RAF, and to Iraq with his two grandsons, who are also in the armed forces. It is believed to have travelled 800,000km (500,000 miles).

Mr Johnson also claims the bakery staple brought him and his wife Alicia luck when they won $6,666 while on holiday in Las Vegas in 1998.

‘My son was given the pie as a bit of a joke but I immediately thought that we could have some fun and we’ve been having a laugh with it ever since,’ said Mr Johnson, of Bacup, Lancashire.

‘Wherever we go, the pie comes with us. It’s been on holiday with us every year and it even has its own deckchair, fly hat and sombrero. As a family, we have had some real giggles with it.’

Mrs Johnson said: ‘I think the whole situation is a little crazy to be honest, as do our friends. I must admit though, it has provided the family with many laughs over the years, so it’s not too much of a bad thing, I guess.”

Article by Fred Attewill

London Metro – 13th March, 2011

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The Booth Museum, Brighton

The Booth Museum, Dyke Road, brighton

On Monday we made a trip to Brighton, we often go there to unwind and as we’ve been having a hard time recently we thought it would be wise to take a day off.

I had mentioned the Booth Museum to Fi in the past and it had become an obsession of hers, so this time she insisted that we go. I was a bit reluctant as the last time I’d visited was in the 1980’s and the museum was still full of old mahogany display cases which gave the exhibits an extraordinary presence. After so many years I was worried that it would have been modernized and lost it’s interest. Luckily, although they have moved the skeletons into modern displays (which made them easier to see – good for us to take photos for our work}, most of it remained the same.

Baby Skeleton

The Booth museum is a eccentric Victorian’s collection of taxidermy and skeletons housed in the structure he built to store the specimins when his house became full.
It’s free and about 30mins walk from the city centre.
The place is dominated by birds – this was the collectors main passion, still exhibited in the original boxed scenarios. Also on view are a large collection of butterflies, motha and assorted bugs, a few stuffed animals and a room full of skeletons – human, animal and bird.

You want some!!

no more pecking for him!

what's that you say - IT'S FREE!!

Wandering around the museum we came across something that I’d seen years before in the Brighton Museum but as I hadn’t seen it on show I thought it had been completely lost.
The Merman!!
After the renovation of Brighton Museum they passed this exhibit into the Booth Museum – we were both very happy to see it.
Along side the exhibit was a brief explanation – the top half is carved from wood with the addition of a few monkey parts, and joined to the lower half of a fish.
Apparently this was a tribal representation of a river god, made to frighten off evil spirits – but some ingenious European traveller brought it back and made money by exhibiting it to the public as a Merman (Mermen have only two nipples, Mermaids have more).

The Lost Merman

 We completed our visit with an ‘all you can eat’ pizza deal and a walk on the pier.

lights on Brighton pier

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America’s New Super Heroes

The new superhero

This morning on the way to work we stopped off for a coffee and had a quick browse through the Times.

One story that caught my eye was about the new American trend of vigilante – all over the country people have been dressing up in ‘Super’ costumes to ‘fight crime’.

Is it a reaction to the movie ‘Kick Ass’ – there have been a lot of super hero movies out recently, maybe the participants have been brought up on too many John wayne movies and believe they are indestructable.

Whatever the cause it was an interesting read – unfortunately I didn’t keep the article so here’s a bit about one of them from The Telegraph – one of the most adventurous, Pheonix Jones:

“Masked vigilante Phoenix Jones suffers broken nose

Phoenix Jones, the masked superhero vigilante protecting the streets of a small American town, has had his nose broken and was threatened at gunpoint over the weekend.

4:22PM GMT 11 Jan 2011

The incident has prompted police to ask that he and others stop dressing up in costumes and instead notify the authorities.

Jones, who wears a black and gold costume, patrols the streets of Lynnwood, a town of 35,000 people just outside Seattle, Washington.

Last week, The Daily Telegraph reported that he had recently prevented a car theft but on Saturday night he suffered a broken nose when attempting to break up a fight.

Jones told local television that he called police and put one of the men in a headlock while waiting for them. Another man then pulled out a gun and when the superhero let go of the man he was holding, the man kicked him in the face and broke his nose.

Jones said: “I endanger my life with a reason and a purpose.”

Taken from The Telegraph – 11th Jan 2011

I wonder why we don’t see super heroes here??

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Postmans Park – George Watts Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

Susan Hiller's Memorial

An exhibition of the work of Susan Hiller at Tate Britain runs until 15th May 2011.It’s an interesting show – having seen a lot of her work over the years, I still enjoy the experience of seeing the works again.
One in particular that grabbed my attention was ‘Memorial’ -an instalation from 1980-81 consisting of photographs, a park bench and a sound recording provided by the earphones laid on the bench.
I’d seen the work before many years ago – but last year while wandering around the backstreets by St. Paul’s Cathedral we came accross the original source for the work.
The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice

The Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice was the idea of the Victorian artist George Watts.
The idea to commemorate heroic deeds of the ordinary people of London was quite novel at the time and Watts had a hard time convincing the people in power of its worth.To come accross the the monument by accident made a grey day interesting.
It’s quite moving reading the exploits of the unfortunate victims of their heroic deeds etched on the ceramic tiles. Especially when the area is empty and quiet.

Sarah Smith

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