1066 again

It’s the middle of October and the Normans have arrived……again!!

The tension rises

 We have been going to the annual  1066 reenactment at the site of the original battlefield at Battle Abbey in Sussex for nearlly 10 years now.

We continue to attend because it presents great possibilities for taking photographs for our work. It’s difficult to find people who are happy to be photographed in their ordinary everyday lives but given the oportunity to dress up and become someone else they relish the experience.

Equiped for any situation

Another reason that draws us back each year is the obvious enjoyment and passion for the ‘total experience’ that the reenactors have for their tasks. Often one can find that whole families (babies too) have been enlisted into the historic experience – all the participants camp on the battlefield in authentic tents, living the life of warriors from the 11th century with an enthusiastic reverance and dedicated emphasis on the known historic details of the period.

Never too young to start!

 It’s always a pleasure to turn up early in the morning to see the participants preparing their breakfast and enjoy the sights and sounds of history.

The day includes many experiences of daily life from the time, music, hunting with hawks and battle practice – which must come in handy when they take to the battlefield at 3pm to follow the script of the day.

Bring it on!!

The battle is the highlight of the day, and all the participants really go for it. It seems remarkable that there are so few injuries sustained after the hour and a half they spend hacking at each other.

But the effort they put in is evident on their faces when they march off the field after Harold’s defeat.

Some of the visitors move through the period ‘shops’ looking for a souvenir – or maybe a weapon or piece of armour with an anticipation of taking part in next years event.

For us we go away with our memory cards full of interesting images, the fun starts continues for us when we get home and start to use them in our work.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Till next year

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