..and around the corner.. it’s….Russell Brand?

A while ago we were walking back along the South Bank after visiting Tate Modern when we stumbled across an excited crowd.

We were carrying our camera’s as we’d been out photographing details to complete our work. The option of photographing some people in a crowd seemed like a good idea (we never have enough images to work with), so we started to mingle, snapping away.

To the right of us was a group of excited teenage girls, jumping up and down and flashing away with their mobile phone cameras. The object of their excitement was the comedian Russell Brand, obviously on location for some filming – he’d stopped to chat to the girls.

Say cheeesseeyy!!

While I stood their watching with facination as the girls grew more excited, I noticed Fi had totally missed the focus of the excitement and fixed her camera on a large well built man (obviously the bodyguard) and was trying to take his picture.

As she struggled to get the man into her viewfinder (he was very big) her lens blured. As she focused a little more she realized thar Brand had wandered right in front of her camera (she was annoyed because she’d wanted images of the big guy – not his weedy charge).

But as she snapped away at the comedian his reaction seemed to change from the frivolity he’d displayed with the girls to confusion. The sight of a professional camera didn’t fit in with the idolising phone waving fans, he just stopped and stared!

...as I was saying...

What's goin on?

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