Luna Park private view – Lion & Lamb

It was a busy evening at the pv of ‘Luna Park’ last night at The Lion & Lamb gallery in Hoxton.

The show curated by and exhibiting the work of Jake Clark along with paintings by Rosalind Davis, Jeffrey DennisRobin Dixon and Gunther Herbst is a well organized, tightly packed display of gems – it’s been a long time since i’ve seen a painting group show that hangs so well together, allowing each artist to claim their own individual attention whilst contributing to the whole. This is a good show – go and see it now.

The exhibition runs until 25 August 2012.

Also congratulations to Peter Jones on coming up with the idea of a proper gallery inside a working pubs bar – it was so popular I didn’t get to see all the work until 10.15pm, and the pv lasted long after closing time.

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