Kong frozen in time

Grrrr...let me at em!

A famous image that needs no introduction, we picked this up a while ago – looks like an advertising still for the film.

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Straiten ze at mon amies

see zis zing ere ......

Here’s another image from our growing archive, a press photo from 1930 Paris with a parade and inspection at police headquarters.

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Sunday morning visit to ‘Picasso & Modern British Art’

It’s an early start for us this Sunday (especially since wer’e still feeling the aftershock of Friday night’s PV of ‘Needle’s Eye at Transition Gallery). So we thought it would be relaxing to stroll around the new show at Tate Britain, ‘Picasso & Modern British Art’.

Somehow we failed to consider that it may be a popular show until we approached an entrance filled with blue rinses and their husbands. After a scramble to evade the masses queing for ‘whatever’ we managed to join the early morning members who’d booked a private viewing. The place was packed!

The show moves chronologically through a number of rooms exploring Picasso’s output and it’s effect on British artists, placing relevant examples of the master’s work against his followers. I must say that for the most part the followers remain poor examples of their leader. The problem is that early Twentieth Century British art remains that -with a refusal by artists to leave reserved Britishness behind them and embrace the open enthusiasm of a European model that provided an environment for artists they admired to flourish (we still seem to retain an element of that British reserve). The worst offenders are the Bloomsbury Group with their work looking like pretty decorative design next to Picasso’s raw, animalistic ‘primitive’ still life – so full of energy and power that it reduces one to tears when looking at our nations response.

The most positive influence appears in the work of foreign migrants like Wyndham Lewis leaving the ‘British’ component to finally catch up in the late 1930’s with Sutherland and Moore, each taking from the master what they needed to follow their own vision. This approach proves to be the most successful use of Picasso’s influence as Bacon and Hockney take from it to define the end of the century.

There are some amazing works in there (one of the pleasures of a Picasso show is that there will always be the possibility of a work from a private collection that I’ve never seen before, and there are a few in this show), unfortunately we only had a short visit (about 15 mins, due to work commitments), but hope for a longer & quieter visit in the future.

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Needle’s Eye private View – Transition Gallery

Last night was the private view of Transition Gallery’s new show ‘Needle’s Eye’

The exhibition curated by Ruth Solomons features the work of Kim Baker, Louisa Chambers, Lisa Mckendrick and Ben Walker,  and as the video shows the private view was packed.

Through a space in the crowd I managed to take a look at the paintings of Louisa Chambers – her strong visual statements provided enough interest for a second visit at a quieter time. The show runs until the 11th March, judging  by the pv it’s going to be a popular show.

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Something for Valentine’s Day

Here’s an image from ‘Peg’s Paper’ dated June 1931 for all you lovers of Valentines day

They belonged...and nothing that had happened in the past mattered.

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The First Step In A Parachute Jump

Here’s an interesting image we found a few years ago – it’s a press photo dated 6th July 1930, on the back the following has been typed:

‘A striking view as Manley J. Merrell as he jumped from a plane over Parks Airport, East St. Louis, Mo.. The parachute has just started to unravel simultaneous with the pulling of the rip cord. His fingers are also shown grasping the ring of his parachute.’

The image is covered with pencil lines showing where they cropped for the newspaper report – as an image I think the ‘editing’ lines contributes to make it more interesting.

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Moving in to our new studio

At last this morning we managed to hire a van and move into our new studio at Bow Arts SW1, Bermondsey – now we’re looking forward to getting on with our work!!


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Creating Aliens on The Southbank

Walking home tonight we came across these people sending alien forms towards Parliament – unfortunately none of them made it!


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Taking photos in a snowy Battersea Park

We left at 6.00 this morning to catch the snow before it’s ground into the earth by enthusiastic revellers. Lucky we did as the trees were already dripping water onto the fresh layers of snow turning it to slush.

We were lucky – after two hours wandering and a few mishaps on suprisingly slippery parts we managed to get some nic shots – here’s a short video of the scene.

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Our work in Porter & Jenkinsons ‘Curious Pursuits’, Manchester

The Soloist, The Shadow & The Informant in ‘Curious Pursuits, Manchester

Our work can be seen in Porter & Jenkinsons ‘Curious Pursuits’ at The portico Library & Gallery, Manchester until February 29th 2012

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