Karl England at Studio 1.1

A brief glimpse of Karl England’s one day solo show at Studio 1.1

Followed by a great night in the Owl & the Pussycat

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Tate Moderns New Exhibition Tanks

today we had a preview of the Tate Moderns new exhibition spaces – there were a few hiccups with the work on show, but the spaces are amazing.

while we were there we watched a performance in the turbine hall – zombies anyone?

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Luna Park private view – Lion & Lamb

It was a busy evening at the pv of ‘Luna Park’ last night at The Lion & Lamb gallery in Hoxton.

The show curated by and exhibiting the work of Jake Clark along with paintings by Rosalind Davis, Jeffrey DennisRobin Dixon and Gunther Herbst is a well organized, tightly packed display of gems – it’s been a long time since i’ve seen a painting group show that hangs so well together, allowing each artist to claim their own individual attention whilst contributing to the whole. This is a good show – go and see it now.

The exhibition runs until 25 August 2012.

Also congratulations to Peter Jones on coming up with the idea of a proper gallery inside a working pubs bar – it was so popular I didn’t get to see all the work until 10.15pm, and the pv lasted long after closing time.

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The Olympics are coming

This morning we treated ourselves t0 a cooked breakfast in the serpentine bar & kitchen – we thought we’d earnt it.

After our complete blow-out we decided to take the scenic route to work, walking beside the sun-reflecting water we were struck by the massive grandstand that has emerged on the other side.


Not being great sport viewers we haven’t been looking forward to the London games – but seeing the structures rising around us and the remodelling of London over the past five years (all of which has been instigated by the forthcoming events) it’s impossible not to be impressed and maybe a bit proud of the changes to our capital – now with the confident air of a trendy, truly cosmopolitan, European city – London is surely the best place to be!

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Bow Arts SE1 open studio PV

here’s a short video taken on our pv night for this years open studios


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Bow Arts Open Studios – Bow Road 2012

The first thing that confronrted us this year at the Bow Arts open was a strange performance:-

Then we visited Robin Dixon & Mandy Hudson – Both interesting painters at the top of their game. Unfortunately this is their last open studios at Bow as they are moving to a new Acme studio. Don’t miss the chance of seeing their work – and you might possibly buy a masterpiece.

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Strange Hungers – Sadie Hennessy at WW Gallery

Sadie Hennessy fills WW Gallery with intelligent, witty collages, prints and sculpture in a solo show entitled ‘Strange Hungers’.

Those who didn’t make the private view missed Sadie’s amazing shoes – make sure you don’t miss the show!

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A new purchase

Here’s a recent purchase – a 15 Sols banknote from revolutionary France dated January 1792

 It’s surprising that you can buy fragments from history so easily and for such a low price.This note measuring approx 8 x 7 cm exisisted before the rise of Napoleon and at a time when the guillotine ruled the country.These notes were known as Assignats – paper money issued by the National Assembly in France from 1789 to 1796.Assignats were issued after the confiscation of church properties in 1790 – accepted as legitimate payment by domestic and international creditors. Certain precautions not taken concerning their excessive reissue and comingling with general currency in circulation caused hyperinflation.The inflation was finally solved by Napoleon in 1803 by introducing the franc as the new currency. By this time, the assignats were basically worthless.

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Time to leave

Tower bridge opens to allow yesterday’s revellers to depart


Another boat heads in to town


Now it must be time for a coffee

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Chelsea Arts Club – Night of a Thousand Queens

On the eve of the Queens Diamond Jubilee Celebrations Chelsea Arts Club stage a procession of ‘Queens’ on their way to their Annual Summer Ball – we stopped to photograph and video the spectacle

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