Discernible 2013

Last night was the private view of DISCERNIBLE – 2013 GROUP EXHIBITION
An annual exhibition of collectible small works under £500 – showing work by artists:
Katriona Beales, Katrina Blannin, Kate Bowen, Sasha Bowles, Henry/Bragg, Tom Butler, Louisa Chambers, Jake Clark, Gary Colclough, Ben Coode-Adams, Emma Cousin, Ben Cove, Broughton & Birnie, Gemma Cossey, Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis, Jeffrey Dennis, Karl England, Max Gimson, Ted Haddon, Justin Hibbs, Lauri Hopkins, Lee Johnson, Peter Jones, Natasha Kahn, Nick Kaplony, David Kefford, Debbie Lawson, Alan Magee, Marion Michell, Clare Mitten, Kate Murdoch, Michaela Nettell, David Oates, Wieland Payer, Charley Peters, Harry Pye, Shelley Rae, Katrine Roberts, Rachel Russell, Timothy Shepard, Lisa Snook, Annabel Tilley, Virginia Verran, Andy Wicks, Rachel Wilberforce, Robert Worley

Introduced by the lovely Rosalind Davis

Here’s a video of the pv

With some great work on show at affordable prices it’s an excellent opportunity to add to your collection!

Exhibition continues, 26 April – 11 May,  Fridays and Saturdays 1-5pm or by appointment with 26 April Late Opening for SLAM Last Fridays, 6-8.30pm

ZAP ZeitgeistArtsProjects Bond House Project Space, ASC, Goodwood Road, New Cross, London, SE14 6BL

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North South Divine

Last night was the PV of WW Gallery’s new show ‘North South Divine’ featuring artists:

Alison Wilding, Kate Davis, Annie O’Donnell, Phil Illingworth,
Deb Covell, Tony Charles, Boa Swindler, Chiara Williams

displayed in the re-organized open plan space – great show! 

Wednesday 3rd April – Saturday 11th May 2013
WW Gallery, 34/35 Hatton Garden EC1N 8DX – Open Weds – Fri 11 – 6pm; Sat 11 – 4pm

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Co-Respondent at Transition Gallery

Last night was the PV of ‘Co-Respondent’ at Transition Gallery and we had fun catching up with good friends!

Featuring: Paul Kindersley & Sarah Cleaver / Travis Riley & Sarah Bernhardt
Corinna Spencer & Andrea Hannon / Mimei Thompson & Urara Tsuchiya

The main premise of Co-Respondent involves a series of sets of (two) artists working with text and imagery with each duo taking a subject in which they are both specifically interested – with some interesting results.

Take a trip to Transition – the show continues until 3rd March 2013.

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Siobhan Barr & Jay Gun – Solo Shows at WW Gallery

Last night was the PV of two solo shows at WW Gallery 

Siobhan Barr | HELLO FRIEND – a solo exhibition of new work  

“Developing upon previous works, which jovially explored the impact of modern telecommunications on our evolving language, Siobhan Barr’s new body of work brings together darker themes of loneliness and internet use, with a strong focus on the concept of Internet Abuse.”

6 February – 2 March 2013


Jay Rechsteiner | JAY GUN – The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet – a solo exhibition of new work 

“‘JAY GUN, The Most Dangerous Man on the Planet’, is an exhibition which ridicules the absurdity of gun-toting machismo. A collection of home-made guns and ‘other gun-related stuff’ satirically takes its cue from American gun culture and weapon infomercials.”
6 February – 2 March 2013

Both artists display works of great wit providing an element of fun as they explore their dark subjects – my favourite was Jay Gun’s shooting range – A MUST SEE!!

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Chelsea’s Secret Xmas Grotto

Every year our mate John turns his workshop into a totally amazing & thoroughly bonkers Christmas grotto with millions of lights, trees and stuffed toys.

To the delight and suprise of the customers who return year after year to see the every growing spectacle – making this shop on Kings Road a ‘must visit’ location for their Christmas cheer!

Keep rocking John!!

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The Xmas Bogof PV at WW Gallery

 WW Gallery was heaving with eager art collectors last night – with works from 100 artists on sale for £100 + buy one get one free!

The Xmas Bogof continues until Saturday 22nd Dec – forget the Xmas presents and treat yourself to some great art!

Work by the following artists for sale:

Alex Michon, Annabel Dover, Kate Davis, David Moore, Oona Grimes, Flora Parrott, Chiara Williams, Boa Swindler, Rob Miller, Enzo Marra, Eva Lis, Sadie Hennessy, Jarik Jongman, Maria Chevska, Karl England, Sardine & Tobleroni, Julie Westerman, Edd Pearman, Caroline Walker, Susie Hamilton, Perdita Sinclair, Phil Illingworth, Kirsty Tinkler, Yukako Shibata, Claire Brewster, Paul Kindersley, Scott Robertson, Jane Ponsford, Mike Chavez-Dawson, Broughton & Birnie, The Caravan Gallery, Inguna Gremzde, Sarah Kate Wilson, Mindy Lee, Sarah Gillham, Mark Scott-Wood, Elly Thomas, Natasha Bailey, Siobhan Barr, Liesel Böckl, Lorraine Clarke, Barry Cottrell, Shona Davies, Wendy Elia, Chantal Powell, Momoko Suzuki, Florin Ungureanu, Eleanor Havsteen-Franklin, Nikki Plews, Zena Bielewicz, Jo Metson Scott, Luke Renouf, Roman, Evy Jokhova, Kaori Homma, Marguerite Horner, Valerie Jolly, Jayne Wilton, Gemma Cossey, Rachel Wilberforce, Kate Murdoch, Gabriela Fabrowska, Alex Pearl, Andrew Litten, Amelia Critchlow, Judith Alder, Wendy Nelson, Alison Bickmore, Imogen Welch, Tessa Whitehead, Jonathan Gabb, Ben Walker, Kirsty Harris, Paul Stanley, Charley Peters, Jane Oldfield, Natalie Dowse, Kate Smith, Laurie Nouchka, Sarah West, Stephanie Wehowski, Jemma Watts, Susan Francis, Julia Miranda, Caro Halford, Araba Ocran, Jolanta Dolewska, Lisa Muten, Corinna Spencer, Catrine Bodum, Natasha Kahn, Peter Sylveire, Rodrigo Pires, Emi Avora, Nicky Hodge, David Kefford, Jack Stokoe, Andrew Seto, Emma Cousin, Wendy Saunders, Anita Makris, Tristram Aver.

Here’s a view of last night

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Furry Sausage Doughnut Frightened By Furniture Tank

Great work on show from Korean artists at The Saatchi Gallery

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Crash Open 2012 PV

Last night saw the opening of Crash Open 2012 at Charlie Dutton Gallery – and a busy evening it turned out to be! Here’s a short video.

Artists include
Aisha Abid Hussain, Alex Carmichael, Andrew SetoAnnabel Tilley, Bjorn Mortensen, Brendan Lancaster, Cathy WardCaroline List, Colette Bee,
Corinna SpencerCraig Dow,  D J Roberts, Gavin ToyeGeorge Little,
Geraldine SwayneHamish McLain,  Ian Maslen, Jake Clark,
Jonathan AliboneJoseph Falconer, Julian Wild, Jumpei Kinoshita,
Leigh Suh,  Louisa Mahony, Martin Bardell, Myka Baum, Michele Fletcher,
Noa Edwards, Patrick Brandon, Paul Smith, Rae Hicks,  Reginald S Aloysius,
Richelle Rich, Maria Montero Prieto, Sally Kindberg, Sarah West,
Sasha Bowles, Shelley Theodore,  Tim Barklem, Victoria Browne

 The show runs until the 12th January 2013 and is well worth a visit.

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Art Club at Red Gallery

Yesterday saw the first ‘Art Club’ event at Red Gallery in Rivington Street bringing  an eclectic mix of art, music and film – the event starting at 3.00pm with Sam Tring & Mark Scott-Wood gathering the work for the exhibition – providing an ambitious approach that deserves both admiration and support. Unfortunately we arrived too late to take part in the life drawing or see the films but the event was in full swing with the wonderful Paul Kindersley already staging his performance. Sam & Mark provided a great space for creatives to meet, discuss and experiment – we are looking forward to future events.

Here’s a list of some of the events – for full information see Sam’s website: 

Films: ‘Le Voyage Dans La Lune’ (1902) with soundtrack by Air (2nd London showing),  ‘Piccadilly Nites’ (1926) with soundtrack by Ben Osborne (Noise of Art)

Art: Your Mum, Overlap, Mark Scott-Wood, Sophie Clyde, Hayley Hare, Oliver McArthur-Tring, Paul Kindersley, Charlie Tuesday Gates, Kevin Broughton & Fiona BirnieSean Vicary, Tristram Aver, The Librarian, Emma Condliffe, Faye Scott-Farrington, Mimei Thompson, Kirsty Harris, Sarah Pettitt, Michael Cousin, Gareth A Hopkins, Alistair Gentry, Ben Woodeson, Christina Violet Sabberton, MorphPlinth

Music: Live music and DJ sets from – Si Begg, Ben Osborne (Noise of Art), Evokateur (tbc), Mystic Rock (The Thing), Peter Hepworth, Rupert The Brewer.


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Last night was saw the opening of ZAP’s Open 2012 – as usual it was a crowded affair with a lot of good work on show – well worth a visit.

Those exhibiting include: Annabel Dover, AnnaMaria Kardos, Anthony Carr, Axel Bottenberg, Ben Coode-Adams, Ben Cove, Bob London, Carol Wyss, Catalina Barroso Luque, Chiho Iwase, Clare Mitten, Connie Sides, Corinna Spencer, Daniel Slater, Debbie Lawson, Giulia Ricci, Heather Miller, Helen Donnelly, Jack Hutchinson, Kate Murray-Browne, Kate Russo, Lauri Hopkins, Louisa Chambers, Louise Mackenzie, Marina Velez, Mark Sadler, Max Gimson, Michele Fletcher, Peter Jones, Reginald Aloysius, Robert Worley, Sarah Filmer, Sarah Jeffries, Sarah West, Sasha Bowles, Shelley Rae, Steph Goodger, Susan Francis, Timothy Shepard, Tom Butler, Una d’Aragona

The exhibition was selected by Graham Crowley, Rosalind Davis, David Kefford, Alistair Gentry and Annabel Tilley – the show continues until 1st December.

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